HH Sports Therapy provide a range of electrotherapy treatments including ultrasound and heat treatments using wax baths and infra-red.


This facilitates the rehabilitation process for the treatment of muscle, tendon and ligaments injuries. High frequency sound waves, which are not detectable by the patient are produced through vibration from the head of the machine, which is moved over the surface of the skin in the region of the injury. The ultrasound waves are used to help with pain reduction, supports the body’s natural healing process, increases blood flow & muscle stimulation and to reduce the formation of scar tissue. Ultrasound has been found to help stimulate the production of collagen within our soft tissues such as ligaments & tendons. This may accelerate the healing process, where new collagen structures are formed. Ultrasound is thought to improve the pliability of collagen, preventing the formation of scar tissue which can be problematic for long term post injuries

Heat Treatments

Infra- red & the paraffin wax bath are both methods of applying heat to an injured area.  The wax bath is particularly useful when dealing with foot, ankle, wrist & hand injuries whilst the infra- red heat lamp can be used on all areas of the body.  If necessary it will be used as part of the treatments plan.

Effects & Benefits of Thermal Therapy

  • Increase blood flow to the region
  • Reduce pain (or increase the pain threshold)
  • Help relax muscle tension
  • Increase soft tissue extensibility & pliability
  • Help reduce joint stiffness & increase range of movement
  • Increase the healing rate of soft tissue injuries
  • Improve neuromuscular response (sensory & motor)